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PKiMSA Carboautomatyka S.A

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 13:00-16:00
  • Wednesday 11:00-13:00
DescriptionCarboautomatyka Group is comprised of intensively developing companies, each of which is a market leader in this sector. This result has been achieved thanks to the use of new technologies, qualified personnel and a high level of offered products and services. Our firms’ activities enable us to guarantee our customers flexibility and functionality of solutions and allow us to implement them is enterprises of various sizes and business profile. Activities that should be mentioned are: design, manufacturing, installation, completing, servicing (maintenance) and training. We are able to appropriately and strongly diversify our products and services. We execute ambitious project by creating an appropriate and strongly diversify our products and services. We execute ambitious projects by creating an appropriate concept, manufacturing high quality products, implementing management support systems, ensuring the safety of the investment, and supporting customers throughout the period of use. Carboautomatyka Group is actively expanding export activities to countries such as: Vietnam, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the past to Argentina, Spain, China and Nigeria.
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      Metal and Machinery

        Construction and Construction Materials

          Engineering, Design and Consulting